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Growing for Better Employee Engagement

Cooleaf’s messaging and SaaS platform focus on employee engagement, appreciation and motivation. The company focuses on innovative ways for employers and teams to express their support and appreication for each other, in order to build and retain strong and genuine work relationships. Through rewards, recognition and incentives, Cooleaf aims to create a “human-first” connecetion within companies who value healthy culture.





Services Rendered

Brand strategy, creative direction, project management, graphic design

The Need to Restart

As Cooleaf gained clarity on its desired direction and target customers, it also became clear that its overall message and visual brand were not as intentional and compelling as they would like. The need for refreshed foundational messaging and visual identity was necessary to reenergize the mission as they aspired for greater business growth.


Turning a "New Leaf"

The first step to refreshing the visual brand was to identify a more resonating brand personality and bolder messaging as a foundation. With greater clarity around who Cooleaf wanted to be, the result was an updated logo, new supporting typography, colors, and graphic elements, rebranding for high-touch print and digital collateral, internal swag, an updated website direction, and comprehensive brand guidelines.

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