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*Hi. I’m Shannel.*

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I’ve done awesome work for clients like…

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*I don’t just design. I care.*

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I’ve been privileged to transform ideas into effective solutions and use my insight to create elevated branded experiences. Throughout my 15+ years of professional experience, I’ve empowered people and organizations—corporations, nonprofits, startups, small businesses and individuals—with stellar design and the visual confidence they need to succeed. For each project I touch and for each client I work with, I envision a solution that supports the greatest potential. In other words, I design not just for the present, but also for where you want to be because I believe in what we’re working to accomplish together!

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Creativity + Design + Business + Inspiration

I like to write and share my experiences, thoughts, learnings and opinions.

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*I also teach graphic design*

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*Want to connect?*

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